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hi, i’m paris martineau

currently — an investigative reporter and feature writer on staff at The Information. i cover power and influence in the tech industry and pride myself on publishing stories that get results. my 2020 investigation into a high-flying venture-backed startup (which engaged in questionable business practices) led to the company shutting down. more recently, my reporting on misconduct at the healthcare company carerev led to the immediate resignation of the CEO/founder and prompted change within the company.

i have also written extensively about the human impact of amazon’s rapid expansion in the US. in 2021, i completed an investigation into the deadly toll of amazon’s trucking boom. i also profiled the town of milford massachusetts to unpack what happens when amazon comes to town.

i have experience working with whistleblowers and victims of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination in an ethical and considerate manner that prioritizes the mental wellbeing and autonomy of my sources. i have worked with many people who have received confidential settlement payments or were made to sign overly-broad NDAs in order to resolve claims of corporate wrongdoing. i’ve had the pleasure of helping many brave ex-employees hold powerful people to account by telling their story on the record; i’ve also worked with many current and former tech workers who wished to stay anonymous to bring important matters to light.

previously — a staff writer for Wired magazine’s business section, where i reported on tech platforms, online influence, and the homesharing industry. before that, i was a staff writer for The Outline, where i covered misinformation and the future. i also used to write about internet culture for New York Magazine’s (now-defunct) tech blog, Select All. during my time at Select All, i broke the story of QAnon (sorry!).

always — looking to speak with tech workers about what’s going on at their company. do you have a story to tell about corporate accountability or executive misconduct? reach out. i’m more than happy to explain how talking to a reporter on-background (i.e. anonymously) works and find a way for us to connect securely in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

here are two ways to contact me securely

signal / phone / sms: +1 267-797-8655
secure email:

you can follow me on twitter @parismartineau