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hi, i’m paris martineau

currently — i am a reporter with The Information, where i cover amazon (among other subjects). i’ve broken news on amazon’s healthcare ambitions, middle mile trucking efforts, covid-19 testing plans, and more. my investigation into a venture-backed short-term rental startup called domio (which flouted local laws and engaged in questionable business practices) led to the resignation of the co-founders/CEO & CSO, and the dissolution of much of the company.

previously — i was a staff writer for WIRED Magazine, where i reported on tech platforms, online influence, and the homesharing industry. before that, i was a staff writer for The Outline, where i covered misinformation and the future. i also used to write about internet culture for New York Magazine’s (now-defunct) tech blog, Select All.

always — looking to speak with current and former amazon employees and contractors. if you work(ed) for amazon, or you know something you think i should be looking into, reach out. i’m more than happy to explain how talking to a reporter on-background works and find a way for us to connect securely in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

here are two ways to contact me securely

signal / phone / sms: +1 267-797-8655
secure email: parismartineau ⓐ protonmail 。 com

you can follow me on twitter @parismartineau