Animal Product Consumption Leads to Land Loss

The Natural Academy of Sciences of the U.S. predicts that if global eating habits continue to reflect high consumption diets — diets containing large amounts of meat and other animal products — about 10 million km² of land will likely be cleared by 2050 to meet food demand.

There is hope, however, in the simple action of eating fewer animal products.

Research reveals that a shift towards alternative diets, such as one of low consumption that reduces meat intake, could reduce that disastrous figure to about 2 million km², roughly one-fifth the size.

Through the gradual reduction of meat, eggs and dairy from the average consumer’s diet, serious and visible changes can be made possible. Every small choice towards non-livestock options aids in this global effort to lessen our adverse impact on the planet.

This article initially appeared online  as part of The Reducetarian Foundation’s community outreach program. 


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