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here are some faves (haven’t updated this list since i moved to wired):

How alt-right Twitter tricks the media into panicking (The Outline)
@thebradfordfile has been cited as evidence of the rise of the alt-right, but its popularity is faked through power-engagement groups and networks of sockpuppets.

The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only Worse (Select All)
Yes, I am the person who broke the QAnon story. I’m very tired of talking about it, please get out of my DMs.

We haven’t figured out how to handle online conspiracies (The Outline)
But erring on the side of not giving them outsized attention is probably the way to go.

Inside YouTube’s fake views economy (The Outline)
Views are currency on YouTube, and the existence of fake ones creates questions for all videos.

$41 million vaporware tells ICE to detain immigrants indefinitely no matter what (The Outline)
Abolish tech?

Brands are paying influencers $75K+ to trash their competitors (The Outline)
Inside the drama that’s taking the beauty influencer industry by storm.

Why is Instagram so worried about my mental health? (The Outline)
Or, why Instagram thinks I want to kill myself, explained.

The YouTube shooting can’t be reduced to a simple story about the Adpocalypse (The Outline)
The woman who shot three YouTube employees had a long, complex, and contentious relationship with the platform.

How to sign away the rights to your DNA (The Outline)
All it takes is one click!

The Scourge of the Tindstagrammer: Tinder Rejects Who Creep on Instagram (Select All) 
If you didn’t match on Tinder, but he DM’d you on Instagram anyway, you’ve been Tindstagrammed.